Tuesday, May 6, 2014

My Last 4 Sales - Price History from Opening Day

The photo above is a snapshot of 4 condos that I sold recently at Marina Grande.  The 2007 original sale price is shown, as well as the sale price at the bottom of the market, and today's sale price.

I sold units 1211 and 911 at the bottom of the market to an investor who purchased 9 condos in the building and he doubled his money on the first two we sold.  1712 was furnished with all marble flooring, and the chart also illustrates the value of a good finish out.

The current sale prices are still well below the 2007 opening day prices, and it is my opinion that there is still a lot more upside at Marina Grande.  For comparative purposes, the Ritz on Singer Island is now selling above the original opening day prices.